KPL 2023 Schedule, Teams, Captains, Points Table, Venue & Captains

KPL 2023 Schedule, Teams, Captains, Points Table, Venue & Captains
KPL 2023 Schedule, Teams, Captains, Points Table, Venue & Captains


Kashmir Premier League (KPL) is a T20I league having credentials from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) A Member of ICC From the Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, &the Government of Punjab, Pakistan. Approved by the Pakistan Cricket Board Registered with the Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the league is designed to provide a quality platform to the young cricketing talent of Azad Jammu &Kashmir through which they can compete in prestigious national and international competitions. Can showcase their skills by getting exposure from international cricketers.

KPL 2023 Schedule, Teams, Captains, Points Table, Venue & Captains
KPL 2023 Schedule, Teams, Captains, Points Table, Venue & Captains

The Kashmir Premier League is a professional Twenty20 cricket tournament that was establish in 2014. The league is contest by seven teams from the Kashmir Valley, with the matches play in Srinagar and Jammu. The league is sponsor by the Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association and the Jammu and Kashmir Bank. The inaugural edition of the league was win by the Srinagar Stallions

KPL 2023 Schedule

The wait is over and finally the Kashmir Premier League 2023 schedule has been announced. According to the KPL schedule 2023, the KPL matches will starts from August 13 & will continue till the final on 26, August 2023 . All matches of KPL 2023 will be played at Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium in Pakistan.

13 August 2023Rawalakot Hawks vs Jammu Janbaz7:00 PM
14 August 2023Kotli Lions vs Mirpur Royals2:00 PM
14 August 2023Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Bagh Stallions7:00 PM
15 August 2023Jammu Janbaz vs Overseas Warriors2:00 PM
15 August 2023Bagh Stallions vs Mirpur Royals7:00 PM
16 August 2023Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Rawalakot Hawks2:00 PM
16 August 2023Kotli Lions vs Overseas Warriors7:00 PM
17 August 2023Jammu Janbaz vs Muzaffarabad Tigers2:00 PM
17 August 2023Rawalakot Hawks vs Bagh Stallions7:00 PM
18 August 2023Mirpur Royals vs Overseas Warriors2:00 PM
18 August 2023Jammu Janbaz vs Kotli Lions7:00 PM
19 August 2023Rawalakot Hawks vs Mirpur Royals2:00 PM
19 August 2023Overseas Warriors vs Muzaffarabad Tigers7:00 PM
20 August 2023Bagh Stallions vs Kotli Lions2:00 PM
20 August 2023Mirpur Royals vs Jammu Janbaz7:00 PM
21 August 2023Kotli Lions vs Muzaffarabad Tigers2:00 PM
21 August 2023Rawalakot Hawks vs Overseas Warriors7:00 PM
22 August 2023Jammu Janbaz vs Bagh Stallions2:00 PM
22 August 2023Muzaffarabad Tigers vs Mirpur Royals7:00 PM
23 August 2023Bagh Stallions vs Overseas Warriors2:00 PM
23 August 2023Kotli Lions vs Rawalakot Hawks7:00 PM
24 August 2023(Qualifier)2:00 PM
24 August 2023(Eliminator 1)7:00 PM
25 August 2023(Eliminator 2)7:00 PM
26 August 2023 Final Match7:30 PM
KPL 2023 Schedule

KPL 2023 Prize Money

The KPL 2023 is set to start from the 13 of August and will go on till the 26 of August 2023. So, The competition will see a total of 7 teams from all around the world competing in a double elimination bracket. The prize pool for the competition is $100,000.

KPL 2023 Teams List

The Kashmir Premier League is now in its third edition. Seven teams are participating in the competition this season, one more than last year. Now the Jammu Janbaz team is also included in the competition.

A new team (Jammu Janbaz) has been added this year. KPL 2023 Team are the Following:

  1. Kotli Lions
  2. Overseas Warriors
  3. Jammu Janbaz (A new team has been added this year)
  4. Rawalakot hawks
  5. Muzaffarabad tigers
  6. Mirpur Royals
  7. Bagh Stallions

KPL 2023 Venues

Azad Kashmir’s Muzaffarabad Cricket Stadium will host all KPL 2023 matches. The venue can seat around 15000 people. Both day time and night matches will be played. The evening fight will start at 7 pm while the day time competition will start around 2 pm.

KPL 2023 Captains List

The matches of the players are starting from where they are going to start the matches. However, Ahmed Shehzad’s captain is Rawalcott Hawks while Asad Shafiq is the captain of Overseas Warriors.

So Mohammad Hafeez is the captain of Muzaffarabad Tigers while Shoaib Malik is the captain of Mirpur Royals. However, the captain of Mirpur Royals is Shoaib Malik while the captain of Kotli Lions is Khurram Manzoor. Rana Faheem Ashraf is the captain of Jammu Janbaz.

Bagh StallionsUmar Amin
Rawalkot HawksAhmed Shehzad
Overseas WarriorsAsad Shafiq
Muzaffarabad TigersMohammad Hafeez
Mirpur RoyalsShoaib Malik
Kotli LionsKhurram Manzoor
Jammu JanbazFaheem Ashraf
KPL 2023 Captains List

KPL 2023 Coaches

However, Bagh Stallions matches are starting while Abdul Rehman as coach. Arshad Khan is the coach of Rawalkot Hawks while Azam Khan is the coach of Overseas Warriors. Apart from this, Mashabl-ul-Haq is the coach of Muzaffarabad Tigers.

However, the coach of Kotli Lions is Mushtaq Ahmed while the coach of Jammu Janbaz is Riaz Afridi.

Jammu JanbazRiaz Afridi
Kotli LionsMushtaq Ahmed
Mirpur Royals Abdul Razzaq
Muzaffarabad TigersMisbah-Ul-Haq
Overseas WarriorsAzam Khan
Rawalkot HawksArshad Khan
Bagh StallionsAbdul Rehman
KPL 2023 Coaches

KPL 2023 Teams Owner

However, the Kashmir Premier League is about to start with the matches while the fixtures are starting soon. The owners of the tournament are now out while the team Bagh Stallions is under the ownership of Tauqeer Sultan Awan.

However, John Wiley Shaheen is the owner of the Rawalcott Hawks team while the matches are taking place. So the Overseas Warriors are the ones owned by Zeeshan Altaf Lohia.

Muzaffarabad Tigers is owned by Arshad Khan Tanoli while Mirpur Royals is owned by Abdul Wajid.

Jammu JanbazKingdom Valley
Kotli LionsTBA
Mirpur Royals Abdul Wajid
Muzaffarabad TigersArshad Khan Tanoli
Overseas WarriorsZeeshan Altaf Lohya
Rawalkot HawksJan Wali Shaheen
Bagh StallionsTauqir Sultan Awan
KPL 2023 Teams Owner

KPL 2023 Broadcaster TV Chanels

The List of TV Channels For Live Streaming Matches Of KPL 2023 Is Given Below:

  1. BSports Live
  2. PTV Sports Live
  3. Ten Sports Live
  4. Geo Super
  5. Willo TV
  6. A Sports HD Live
  7. Goonj App

KPL 2023 Points Table

When the KPL Matches 2023 will starts then the points table of each team will be uploaded on this page of

KPL 2023 Points Table

KPL 2023 All Teams Squad List

The Kashmir Premier League is now in its third edition. Seven teams are participating in the competition this season, one more than last year. Now the Jammu Janbaz team is also included in the competition.

Kashmir Premier League 2023 all teams squad is given below:

Rawalakot Hawks:

Mohammad Amir Icon Player
Ahmed ShahzadPlatinum
Hussain TalatPlatinum
Asif AfridiDiamond
Zaman Khan Diamond
Amad Butt Gold
Bismillah Khan Gold
Zeeshan MalikSilver
Musaddiq Ahmed Silver
Faisal Akram Silver
Ammad Alam Silver
Saeedullah Emerging
Ihsanullah Emerging
Saif Ali Emerging
Atif SheikhEmerging
Roya Farhan KhanEmerging
Kashif AliEmerging
Rawalakot Hawks:

Muzaffarabad Tigers:

Mohammad Hafeez Icon Player
 Sohail Tanvir Platinum
Iftikhar Ahmed Platinum
Haseebullah Khan Diamond
Anwar Ali Diamond
Zeeshan Ashraf Gold
Arshad Iqbal Gold
Mir Hamza Silver
Ahmed Safi Abdullah Silver
Salman FayyazSilver
Taimur Sultan Silver
Aqib Liaquat Emerging
Amir KhanEmerging
Aqib Ilyas (SilverEmerging
Saad Bin ZafarEmerging
 Inzamam-ul-Haq Emerging
 Osman MaroofEmerging
 Usama Fazal Emerging
Muzaffarabad Tigers:

Kotli Lions:

Khurram ManzoorIcon Player
Danish Aziz Platinum
Sarfaraz Ahmed Platinum
Ahsan Ali Diamond
Khurram ShahzadDiamond
Irfanullah ShahGold
Khalid UsmanGold
Mushtaq Ahmed KalhoroSilver
Hassan KhanSilver
Hanif AzadSilver
Hassan Mohsin Silver
Imran Shah Emerging
 Irfan Ali KasmiEmerging
Zayyan KhanEmerging
 Basit AliEmerging
Naveed Malik Emerging
Mujtaba GayyazEmerging
Nadeem KhalilEmerging
Kotli Lions:

Bagh Stallions:

Kamran AkmalIcon Player
Rumman Raees Platinum
Sohaib Maqsood Platinum
Amir Yamin Diamond
 Umar AminDiamond
 Kashif Bhatti Gold
M Imran Jr Gold
Mohammad Sarwar Silver
Mohammad Sharoon Siraj Silver
Abdullah Jamal Silver
Aitizaz Habib Khan Silver
Maaz Khan Emerging
Sajjad Ali Emerging
Hassan Raza Emerging
Daniyal Allah Ditta Emerging
Amir Shahzad Emerging
Arsalan Arif Emerging
Raja FarhanEmerging
Bagh Stallions:

Mirpur Royals:

Shoaib Malik (Icon Player) Icon Player
Imad Wasim Platinum
Haris Sohail Platinum
 Ali Imran Diamond
Salman Irshad Diamond
Abrar Ahmed Gold
Mohammad AkhlaqGold
Kashif AliSilver
Mohammad Hamza Arshad Silver
Zubair Khan LodhiSilver
Zaid Alam Silver
Hassan Nawaz Emerging
Ali Razzaq Emerging
Sufyan Emerging
Shan Emerging
Umar HayatEmerging
Faizan SaleemEmerging
Shadab MajeedEmerging
Mirpur Royals:

Overseas Warriors:

 Asad Shafiq Icon Player
Azam Khan Platinum
Kamran Ghulam Platinum
Mohammad Imran RandhawaDiamond
Sohail KhanDiamond
Umaid AsifGold
Saif Badar Gold
Adil Amin Silver
 Bilal Asif Silver
Ali ShafiqSilver
Mohammad ShahzadSilver
Umar Zeeshan LoyaEmerging
Khuwaja MohammadEmerging
Farhan ShafiEmerging
Shahzad Emerging
Hashim AliEmerging
Saad Asif Emerging
 Malik NisarEmerging
Overseas Warriors:

Jammu Janbaz:

Sharjeel KhanIcon Player
 Faheem Ashraf Platinum
Shahid Afridi Platinum
Umar Akmal Diamond
Sahibzada Farhan Diamond
Usama Mir Gold
Akif JavedGold
Imran Khan SrSilver
 Umar Siddique KhanSilver
Shahzad Silver
Ahmed KhanSilver
Hamza Shah Afridi Emerging
Samiullah AfridiEmerging
Nakash Emerging
Faisal AltafEmerging
 Naseer NajamEmerging
Mohammad ShahzadEmerging
Mehran MumtazEmerging
Jammu Janbaz:
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