Italy National Football Team

Italy National Football Team

The Italy national football team represents Italy in international football and is control by the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), the governing body for football in Italy. Italy is one of the most successful national teams in the history of the game, having won four World Cups, six European Championships, and numerous other trophies. They have also been runners-up on several occasions.

Italy Football Team Squad 2023


Guglielmo VicarioG266′ 4″183 lbsItaly
Alex MeretG266′ 3″181 lbsItaly
Gianluigi DonnarummaG246′ 5″196 lbsItaly

Outfield Players

Ciro ImmobileF336′ 1″172 lbsItaly
Federico ChiesaF255′ 9″152 lbsItaly
Mateo ReteguiF246′ 1″183 lbsItaly
Giacomo RaspadoriF235′ 8″150 lbsItaly
Wilfried GnontoF195′ 8″141 lbsItaly
Marco VerrattiM305′ 5″130 lbsItaly
JorginhoM315′ 11″141 lbsItaly
Bryan CristanteM286′ 1″174 lbsItaly
Lorenzo PellegriniM276′ 1″170 lbsItaly
Nicolò BarellaM265′ 9″150 lbsItaly
Davide FrattesiM235′ 10″161 lbsItaly
Nicolò ZanioloM246′ 3″172 lbsItaly
Salvatore EspositoM225′ 10″152 lbsItaly
Leonardo BonucciD366′ 3″185 lbsItaly
Matteo DarmianD336′ 0″152 lbsItaly
Francesco AcerbiD356′ 4″192 lbsItaly
Leonardo SpinazzolaD306′ 1″163 lbsItaly
Giovanni Di LorenzoD306′ 0″183 lbsItaly
Federico DimarcoD255′ 9″163 lbsItaly
Rafael TolóiD326′ 1″163 lbsItaly
Alessandro BastoniD246′ 3″163 lbsItaly
Alessandro BuongiornoD246′ 3″174 lbsItaly

italy football world cup

Italy is a powerhouse in the world of football, and they have proved it time and time again with their performance in the World Cup. They have won the tournament four times, and they have been runners-up twice. They are a force to be reckon with on the pitch, and their fans are some of the most passionate in the world. When Italy steps onto the field, they do so with the confidence and determination to win. That is why they are always a team to watch in the World Cup.

italy national football team players 2022

The Italy national football team is the men’s national football team of Italy and is control by the Italian Football Federation. The team is nickname the Azzurri. This team plays its home games at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome.

italy world cup qualifiers

Italy is set to take on Greece in the UEFA World Cup qualifiers on October 10, 2020. The Azzurri are currently second in Group J with seven points, one behind leaders Bosnia and Herzegovina. Greece, on the other hand, are third with six points.

italy football team players

The Italy national football team has a long and proud history, having won the World Cup on four occasions. They are also one of the most successful teams in European competition, having won the European Championship on two occasions.

italy football team captain

Italy’s football team captain is a very important position. The captain is responsible for leading the team on the field and making sure that everyone is playing their best. They are also responsible for representing the team in the media and making sure that the team’s image is positive. The captain of Italy’s football team is a very prestigious position and is usually hold by a very talent and experience player.

italy football team instagram

The Italian national football team is one of the most successful teams in the world, with four World Cup titles to their name. They are also one of the most popular teams on social media, with millions of followers across all their platforms.

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