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The German national cricket team is the team that represents Germany in international cricket matches with other countries like (France,Russia etc). The German Cricket Federation which organizes the teamhas been an associate member of the International Cricket Council  since 1999, having previously been an associate member since 1991. The national team made its debut in international cricket in 1989 against Denmark, playing as West. Germany. It has since played twice regularly in the European Cricket Championship tournaments as well as in the lower divisions of the World Cricket League. Germany also participated in the ICC Trophy now Germany is a World Cup qualifier for the first &only time  In 2001.

Germany Cricket Team Ranking

The German cricket team is currently rank 35th in the world by the International Cricket Council. The team has played 22 One Day Internationals, with their first match coming against Kenya in 2004. In 2010, the team qualified for the ICC World Twenty20 for the first time. However, they failed to progress outside the 1st round. So, The team’s best performance in an ICC event came in the 2014 World Twenty20 Qualifier, where they finished in sixth place.

germany cricket team ranking

Germany Cricket Team Players Salary

The Germany cricket team is one of the most successful cricket teams in the world, and its players are some of the highest-paid athletes in the sport. The team’s captain, Misbah-ul-Haq, is reportedly the highest-paid German cricketer, earning an annual salary of $1.5 million. Other top earners on the team include opening batsman Azhar Ali, who takes home $1 million per year, and fast bowler Wahab Riaz, who earns $500,000 annually.

So, The team’s success on the international stage has helped to generate significant revenue for German cricket, which in turn has allowed the team to pay its players handsomely. The team’s popularity has also helped to attract top sponsors, who are willing to pay top dollar to have their brands associated with the successful German cricket team.

Germany Cricket Statistics and Records

Playing Record
FormatMWLTNRInaugural Match
Twenty20 Internationals4024160011 May 2019
Germany Cricket Statistics and Records

Twenty20 Internationals

Team Records

Highest Team Total180/3 SpainDesert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria8 March 2020
Lowest Team Total53 ItalySportpark Maarschalkerweerd, Utrecht25 May 2019
Highest Total Conceded191/5 United Arab EmiratesAl Amerat, Muscat19 February 2022
Lowest Total Conceded76 NorwayBayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld5 August 2021
Twenty20 Internationals

Most Career Runs

PlayerRunsAverageCareer Span
Talha Khan47922.802019-2022
Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah46823.402019-2022
Michael Richardson41331.762019-2022
Harmanjot Singh37522.052019-2021
Dylan Blignaut31817.662021-2022
Most Career Runs

Most Career Wickets

PlayerWicketsAverageCareer Span
Elam Bharathi3412.292020-2022
Muslim Yar3216.462019-2022
Ghulam Ahmadi2719.852021-2022
Dieter Klein2019.752020-2022
Sahir Naqash1917.002019-2022
Most Career Wickets

Highest Scores

Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah81* FranceBayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld7 August 2021
Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah70* BelgiumRoyal Brussels Cricket Club, Waterloo12 May 2019
Talha Khan69* ItalyDesert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria4 November 2022
Harmanjot Singh68* FranceBayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld6 August 2021
Craig Meschede67 DenmarkKing George V Sports Ground, Castel19 June 2019
Highest Scores

Best Bowling Figures

Ghulam Ahmadi4/5 NorwayBayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld5 August 2021
Elam Bharathi4/6 PhilippinesAl Amerat, Muscat24 February 2022
Dylan Blignaut4/18 ItalyDesert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria21 October 2021
Ahmed Wardak4/20 GuernseyKing George V Sports Ground, Castel15 June 2019
Muslim Yar3/9 ItalyDesert Springs Cricket Ground, Almeria4 November 2022
Best Bowling Figures

Win/Loss Record

OpponentMWLTNRFirst MatchFirst Win
vs Full Members
 Ireland1010021 February 2022
vs Associate Members
 Austria321009 June 20229 June 2022
 Bahrain1010018 February 2022
 Belgium3300011 May 201911 May 2019
 Canada1010022 February 2022
 Denmark3300019 June 201919 June 2019
 France220006 August 20216 August 2021
 Guernsey1100015 June 201915 June 2019
 Italy7340025 May 201917 October 2021
 Jersey3120020 June 201920 June 2019
 Norway4310020 June 201920 June 2019
 Philippines1100024 February 202224 February 2022
 Spain734008 March 20208 March 2020
 Sweden220009 June 20229 June 2022
 United Arab Emirates1010019 February 2022
Win/Loss Record

germany cricket team matches

The German cricket team has been playing international cricket since 1999. The team is a member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and has participated in several ICC events, including the Cricket World Cup and the ICC World Twenty20. The team has also played in the European Cricket Championship and the World Cricket League.

So, The German cricket team has had some success in recent years, winning the European Cricket Championship in 2015 and the World Cricket League Division Five in 2012. The team has also been competitive in the ICC World Twenty20, reaching the Super 10 stage in 2014.

The German cricket team is currently rank 34th in the world by the ICC.

German Cricket Team History

The German cricket team is one of the national cricket teams of Germany. The team is administer by the German Cricket Federation. The German cricket team made its international debut in the European Cricket Championship in 2006. The team has also competed in the World Twenty20 Qualifier in 2012 and 2014. So, In 2014, the team finished in sixth place in the European Cricket Championship.

How To Join Germany Cricket Team

Cricket is a very popular sport in Germany, and the national cricket team is always on the lookout for new talent. If you think you have what it takes to join the team, here are a few things you need to know.

First, you’ll need to register with the German Cricket Association (GCA). You can do this by staying their contacting them directly. Once you’re register, you’ll be able to try out for the team.

There are a few things you need to keep in mind when trying out for the team. So, First, you must be a German citizen or have a valid German passport. Second, you necessity be at least eighteen years old. And finally, you must be able to speak and understand German.

If you meet all of the requirements and are select for the team, you’ll need to sign a contract with the GCA. So, This contract will outline your rights and responsibilities as a member of the team.

Germany Cricket Team Jersey

The German cricket team has a long and proud history, dating back to the early days of the sport. The team’s first official match was play in 1848, against England, and they have been a fixture on the international cricket scene ever since.

So, The German cricket team’s jersey is a traditional white with red and black stripes. The jersey is simple and elegant, and it is a perfect reflection of the team’s history and tradition. The German cricket team is a proud and respected team, and their jersey is a symbol of that.

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