Best Cricket Club in Dera Ghazi Khan

Dera Ghazi Khan Cricket Club

The Dera Ghazi Khan Cricket Club is the best cricket club in the city. But, It was founded in the year 2000 and has been providing top-quality cricketing facilities and training to the aspiring cricketers of the city ever since. The club has produced many international and first-class cricketers over the years and is currently the breeding ground for the future stars of Pakistan cricket.

Dera Ghazi Khan Cricket team Stats

Name Skills Age
Mohammad Ali RHB 34 Y
Rashid Hussain RHB 22 Y
Mohammad Shahzaib RHB 27 Y
Mohammad Saqib RHB 29 Y
Sana Mustafa RHB 26 Y
Mohammad Yasir RHB 26 Y
Mohammad Shahzad RHB 25 Y
Mohammad Sarfraz RHB 25 Y
Mojahid Sattar RHB 36 Y
Asif Fawad LHB 32 Y
Mohammad Arsalan RHB 28 Y
Ammar Ali RHB 32 Y
Mohammad Aamer RHB 27 Y
Mohammad Nadeem RHB 29 Y
Imran Rafiq LHB 26 Y
Mansoor Ahmad
Mujahid Shah
Muhammad Jazib
Mohammad Kamran

qadria cricket ground dgk

The Qadria Cricket Ground in DGK is one of the most iconic cricket grounds in Pakistan. It has hosted some of the most memorable cricket matches in Pakistan’s history. This ground has a rich history and has been the home of some of Pakistan’s most successful cricket teams. The ground has a capacity of 25,000 and is one of the largest cricket grounds in Pakistan. The ground has been host to many international cricket matches and is one of the most popular cricket grounds in Pakistan.

3 star cricket ground dgk

The 3 star cricket ground in Dgk is one of the most popular grounds in the city. It is known for its lush green outfield and picturesque setting. The ground has a capacity of 10,000 people and is home to many local and international cricket matches. The ground has a rich history and has hosted some of the most iconic moments in cricket.

d g khan cricket stadium

Inaugurated in April 2018, the D.G. Khan Cricket Stadium is a state-of-the-art facility that can accommodate up to 25,000 spectators. The stadium is the home ground of the D.G. Khan cricket team and has hosted numerous domestic and international matches.

The stadium is equipped with a variety of amenities, including a club house, a gymnasium, and a banquet hall. The ground has a lush green outfield and a well-maintained pitch, making it a perfect venue for cricket matches.

The D.G. Khan Cricket Stadium is a world-class facility that provides a great experience for cricket fans.

d g khan cricket players salary

Since the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was formed in 1949, the sport of cricket has flourished in the country. The PCB is responsible for the development, promotion, and regulation of cricket in Pakistan.

cricket players salary in dgk

As such, the cricket players salary in Pakistan is very high. So, The top cricket players in Pakistan can earn millions of rupees per year, making them some of the highest paid athletes in the country. The cricket players salary is not only high in Pakistan, but also in other cricket playing nations. This is because cricket is a very popular sport and the top cricket players are very talented and skilled.

when cricket trials start in dgk

The cricket trials for the DGK team will start on Monday, April 8th. All interested players must attend the trials in order to be consider for the team. So, The trials will be hold at the DGK Cricket Club from 9am to 1pm. Please be sure to bring all of your cricket equipment with you.

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