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Asia Cup 2022 is the 13th edition of the Asia Cup Cricket Tournament. The Asia Cup 2018 will be played among the teams of the top eight countries. The hosts, India and Pakistan will be joined by Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, and the winner of the ongoing 2018 Asia Cup Qualifier. The inaugural edition of the tournament was held in 1984 as the Asia Cup and was hosted by Sri Lanka. The BCCI has confirmed that the Asia Cup will be held in India in September-October, 2022.

As an ardent cricket lover, the Asia Cup has always been one of the most awaited cricketing events of the season, and with it scheduled to be hosted by the United Arab Emirates in January next year, the tournament has already promised to be an exciting one with the presence of the best T20 cricketers of Asia.

The Asia Cup is a One Day International (ODI) cricket tournament held in Asia. It features all the Test cricket playing nations, along with some of the leading associate and affiliate members. The Asia Cup has been played biennially with the exception of the inaugural tournament, which was held in 1984 and every two years since 2002. The Asian Cricket Council, which is the parent organization for the tournament, decided in March 2014 to move the tournament from its original 2014 and 2015 dates to 2020 and 2022. The 2018 event is to be held in the United Arab Emirates.

Who resolve host the Asia Cup  2022?

The ICC World Cup is scheduled to be hosted by England and Wales in 2019, the Asia Cup is scheduled to be hosted by India, but there are some mixed reports on where the Asia Cup Cricket 2022 is going to be host.

Asia cup cricket is one of the most popular sport in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Cricket is not just a game here in the subcontinent. People do go crazy when they watch this game and they make sure that they support their country. The game is hold every 4 years. The winners of the previous game gets to host the next game. Here is the list of the winners of the Asia Cup cricket games.

The Asia Cup Cricket is a bi-annual event that is hold between the Asian Countries. The first Asia Cup Cricket was hold in 1984 in Bangladesh. The event is organize by the Asian Cricket Council (ACC). There have been a total of 6 previous editions where one team has won three titles, and the other three have won two titles. Out of the 6 previous edition, four were hold in Bangladesh while the remaining two were host by Sri Lanka

Who won the 2022 Asia Cup?

Cricket is one of the most loved sports in the world. In fact, it is extremely popular in a lot of South Asian countries. So, The next Asia Cup is coming up in 2022 and everyone is speculating on who will win it.

The 10th edition of the Asia Cup is to be hold in India from September 15 to October 7. It features the top six ranked one-day international teams in Asia. This blog will forecast each team’s chances of winning the tournament.

T20 cricket has been one of the biggest revolution in the sport of cricket. Since the first T20 cricket match was play in 2003 by the ICC and play between Australia and New Zealand, the game has seen some massive improvements. Today T20 matches are play in front of 20,000 + peering fans in the stadiums. The explosiveness of the format, and the way it has gained in popularity has been phenomenal. So, We now have the T20I matches in the ICC’s premier event of the 50 over World Cup. We have leagues popping up around the globe.

While it may be too early to predict the outcome of the 2022 Asia Cup, it is not too early to have a look at the possible teams that could be in contention.

Who is the most winner of Asia Cup?

The Asian Cricket Council has announced the team captains for the upcoming Asia Cup 2018. From India, Kohli will have Janiya Rhine as the vice-captain of the team.

A much-awaited tournament will be hold in September in the UAE between September 15 to 28. India will compete in the tournament with Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

India will face Sri Lanka in the tournament’s first match on September 18 at the Dubai International Cricket Stadium.

All the teams will face each other once in the group stage. So, The upper two teams from each group will advance to the semifinals. 

Cricket is not just a game but a religion in Asia. With the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 just round the corner, the host nation Australia will be eager to repeat its glory at the gala event. So, Pakistani team is trying to make their country proud after a gap of 28 years. India has the backing of a billion fans and Sri Lanka is ready to prove its mettle against the best.

These four teams have gather in England to play the Asia cup 2018.This is the first time that the tournament is being hold during the World Cup year. So, The hosts England, Bangladesh

How many overs is Asia Cup?      

Asia Cup 2018 is currently underway and if you are not too familiar with the game then you might have been wondering, “How many overs is Asia Cup?” You might have also speculated about what an over is in cricket and what exactly the score is.                         

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