Sindh Premier League (SPL) 2024 Schedule, Team List, Captain & Players List

Sindh Premier League (SPL) 2023 Schedule, Team List, Captain & Players List
Sindh Premier League (SPL) 2023 Schedule, Team List, Captain & Players List

SPL is the Sindhi Premier League launched today by the Government of Sindh with the main objective of providing the best opportunity to the cricketing talent. The opening ceremony of Sindh Premier League 2024 was held in the auditorium hall of Sindh Assembly. Sports news about Sindhi Premier League Ahmedabad 2024 teams & SPL 2024 match schedule Visit SportsClab.Com..

Sindh Premier League 2024 ceremony was attended by many guests and Sindh Local Government Minister and Special Assistant to Chief Minister. The main objective of launching the new project is to promote and develop cricket enthusiasts in rural areas.

SPL Story

The story of “Sindh Premier League” is rooted in the rich cultures and traditions of Sindh, Pakistan. If one wanders in the streets and villages of Sindh, he will see that this sport runs on the blood of the people. So, The province itself has a deep love for the game of cricket and wishes to celebrate its heritage through the game.

Sindh Premier League 2024 Details

Do you know who are the brand ambassadors and mentors of SPL Famous Pakistani cricketers Shahid Afridi and Abdul Razzaq also appeared at the opening ceremony of Sindh Premier League 2024.

Sindh Premier League (SPL) 2024 Franchise

Inaugurating the Sindh Premier League 2024, more than 6 franchises have been established in Sindh region. SPL franchises Karachi Ghazi, Sukkur Patriots, Larkana Challengers, Hyderabad Bahadur, Mirpurkhas Tigers, and Hyderabad Bahadur etc are Sindh Premier League franchises. So, SPL kits have also come out on this initiative.

Sindh Premier League -SPL-2024 Teams

There will be six teams in the action in Sindh Premier League 2024.


Sindh Premier League 2024 Schedule

The SPL was launched under the supervision of Local Government Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah, Information Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon and Special Assistant Sports Arbab Hos. Apart from this, special kits for 6 franchises for the following leagues were also revealed at the event and soon the Sindh Premier League 2024 team schedule will be shared.

Sharjeel Memon while talking to the media said that Karachi will host the Sindh Premier League this year and Hyderabad will be the venue for SPL matches next year. Moreover, the aim of establishing the Sindh Premier League is to develop the best cricket infrastructure in the remote areas of the province, said Arbab Lutfullah.

So, SPL all team matches will start from 3rd August to 13th August.

Sindh Premier League 2024 Registration Form

If you wants to register your name in Sindh Premier League 2024, then you should follow the following steps..

  1. Go To SPL Official Website “”
  2. You could see the search bar in above corner
  3. Search Online Registration Form
  4. Fill the Form according to policy
  5. So, Then “Submit”

SPL 2024 Registration Form Guidlines:

Players 18 and older must read to the end of this page!

Players: It’s important to understand a few things before you continue and register yourself on the team you confirm.

So, Don’t use a phone to register yourself – use a computer.

Note – Any player or staff providing multiple registrations, false information, or attempting to register multiple teams will be subject to an individual penalty and possibly a team penalty and may be expelled from the league. is, points, or upon further investigation. If you’re having any problems, don’t try to create another profile.

Do not register for your team until your team has been approved.
A sanctioned team will appear on your region/division web page in the list of teams for the current season.
Player registration does not include secondary medical insurance.
If you are going to compete in this league we recommend you do your research and get your own personal medical insurance.
Please read the disclaimer when registering so you understand our policies.
So, You must obtain permission from the team staff/coach before registering for a team.
You cannot play in a game until registration is complete and you appear publicly on the team’s webpage and official match roster.
Our registrar will update your status within 4 days to add you to our new team.
If you register on the same day as the game you are not guaranteed to be cleared to play.
The roster photograph must be of face and shoulders only – similar to a passport or driver’s license photograph. A blurry or unusable photo will be rejected so be sure to upload a clean shot.
No hats or sunglasses.
So, If your photo is unacceptable you will need to pay $5 to have an appropriate photo uploaded for you by our registrar.

SPL 2024 Trials

This file is taken by PCB Official site.

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