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Rashid khan

Rashid Khan is an Afghan cricketer who has taken the world by storm with his exceptional bowling skills. He made his international debut in 2015 and has since been a regular member of the Afghan national team. He is currently the world’s number one rank bowler in Twenty20 International cricket.

Rashid Khan’s bowling is based on a unique blend of spin and pace which makes him very difficult to score off. In the last few years, he has bamboozled some of the world’s best batsmen with his unplayable deliveries. Khan is also a very handy batsman and is often use as a pinch-hitter in the Afghan batting line-up.

FULL NAMERashid Khan Arman
BORN20 September , 1998, Nangarhar
AGE24year 188d
BOWLING STYLELegbreak Googly
PLAYING ROLEBowling Allrounder
Rashid Khan-Afghanistan Cricket Player

Rashid Khan T20 Ranking

Rashid Khan Bowlers Ranking – Twenty20
Current Ranking1
Best Rating816
Best Ranking1
Total Wickets129
Rashid Khan T20 Ranking

Rashid Khan Playing For Each Teams

Rashid Khan was Afghanistan’s 1st world superstar, & key to his success in his early years of his life in international cricket. His exceptionally effective legspin has made him one of the greatest T20 bowlers of all time, one of the first names on the wish-list of teams in leagues around the world.

Not a big turner of the ball, he keeps the batsmen under pressure with his pace in the air like his bowling idol or favourite Shahid Afridi From Pakistan while maintaining a stump-to-stump line. His main weapon is an accurate googly, and he has plenty of variations. With the bat in hand he is more than capable of clearing a boundary late in an innings, & has airbrushed many a match winning knock for his team.

AfghanistanKabul Eagles
ACB Development SquadLahore Qalandars
Adelaide StrikersMaratha Arabians
Afghanistan Under-19sMI Cape Town

Afghanistan XI
MI Emirates
Band-e-Amir DragonsMis Ainak Region
Band-e-Amir RegionNangarhar Leopards
Barbados RoyalsQuetta Gladiators
Boost DefendersSpeen Ghar Region
Comilla VictoriansSt Kitts & Nevis Patriots

Durban Heat
Sunrisers Hyderabad
Gujarat TitansSussex
Guyana Amazon WarriorsSussex 2nd XI
ICC World XITrent Rockets
Kabul PSL
Rashid Khan Playing For Each Teams

Rashid Khan Career Statistics

Career Averages:

Career Averages:

Vs Team

Vs Bangladesh2019-20191241.39104116/4911/1049.452.5022.621
Vs India2018-20181134.5215422/1542/15477.004.42104.500
Vs Ireland2019-20191246.01210275/827/10214.572.2139.410
Vs West Indies2019-20191234.0512533/1143/12541.663.6768.000
Vs Zimbabwe2021-20211299.220275117/13711/27525.002.7654.111
Vs Team

In Host Country

Hosts CountrySpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
In Bangladesh2019-20191241.39104116/4911/1049.452.5022.621
In India2018-201935114.519381125/827/10231.753.3157.410
In U.A.E.2021-20211299.220275117/13711/27525.002.7654.111
In Host Country

In Continent

In Asia2018-202159255.448760347/13711/10422.352.9745.142
In Continent

Home Vs Away

Home vs AwaySpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Home Vs Away

By Year

Year 20181134.5215422/1542/15477.004.42104.500
Year 201936121.326331216/4911/10415.762.7234.731
Year 20211299.220275117/13711/27525.002.7654.111
By Year

By Season

Season 20181134.5215422/1542/15477.004.42104.500
Season 2018/191246.01210275/827/10214.572.2139.410
Season 20191241.39104116/4911/1049.452.5022.621
Season 2019/201234.0512533/1143/12541.663.6768.000
Season 2020/211299.220275117/13711/27525.002.7654.111
By Season

Captains Involved

Asghar vs RashidSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Asghar Afghan2018-202135180.134531207/13711/27526.552.9454.021
Rashid Khan2019-20192475.314229146/4911/10416.353.0332.321
Captains Involved

Is Captain / Is Not Captain

In CaptaincySpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Is Captain2019-20192475.314229146/4911/10416.353.0332.321
Is Not Captain2018-202135180.134531207/13711/27526.552.9454.021
Is Captain / Is Not Captain

Is Keeper / Is Not Keeper

Is Not Keeper2018-202159255.448760347/13711/10422.352.9745.142
Is Keeper / Is Not Keeper


Toss ResultsSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Won The Toss2019-202124140.529379227/13711/10417.222.6938.432
Lost The Toss2018-201935114.519381125/827/10231.753.3157.410

Toss And Batting Sequence

Toss ResultsSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Won Toss & Batted2019-202124140.529379227/13711/10417.222.6938.432
Lost Toss & Sent In2019-20191234.0512533/1143/12541.663.6768.000
Lost Toss & Fielded2018-20192380.51425695/827/10228.443.1653.810
Toss And Batting Sequence

Batting First Vs Fielding First

Matches Batting First2019-202136174.534504257/13711/10420.162.8841.932
Matches Fielding First2018-20192380.51425695/827/10228.443.1653.810
Batting First Vs Fielding First

In Team Innings

Team InningsSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
1st Team Innings2018-202155135.118481165/5511/10430.063.5550.612
2nd Team Innings2019-202144120.330279187/13711/10415.502.3140.132
In Team Innings

In Match Innings

Match InningsSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
1st Match Innings2018-20192246.5717442/207/10243.503.7170.200
2nd Match Innings2019-20213388.211307125/5511/10425.583.4744.112
3rd Match Innings2019-20212296.524219127/13711/27518.252.2648.421
4th Match Innings2019-20192223.466066/4911/10410.002.5323.611
In Match Innings

Match Result

Matches ResultSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Won Match2019-202136186.541481297/13711/10416.582.5738.642
Lost Match2018-20192368.5727953/1143/12555.804.0582.600
Match Result

Result And Batting Sequence

Batting, Bowling & FieldingSpanMatInnsOversMdnsRunsWktsBBIBBMAvgEconSR5w10w
Won Batting First2019-202124140.529379227/13711/10417.222.6938.432
Won Fielding First2019-20191246.01210275/827/10214.572.2139.410
Lost Batting First2019-20191234.0512533/1143/12541.663.6768.000
Lost Fielding First2018-20181134.5215422/1542/15477.004.42104.500
Result And Batting Sequence

In Tournament Type

2 Team Series2018-202159255.448760347/13711/10422.352.9745.142
In Tournament Type

In Match Number Per Series

Only Match In Series2018-201947156.228485236/4911/10421.083.1040.731
2nd Match In Series2021-20211299.220275117/13711/27525.002.7654.111
In Match Number Per Series

In Bowling Position

2nd Position2021-20211162.51713777/13711/27519.572.1853.811
3rd Position2019-202144124.121383186/4911/10421.273.0841.322
4th Position2018-20194468.41024095/5511/10426.663.4945.711
In Bowling Position

Rashid Khan Along the Years

201517Made ODI & T20I debut
201618Made his First Class Debut for (Band e Amir Dragons)
201719Took the Best Bowling figures for an associate nation (5/3)
201819Became the youngest player to lead a team at international level
201820Became the youngest player to reach No. 1 spot in ICC ODI bowler’s rankings
201921Became the youngest Captain to lead a Test team
201819Made Test debut
201921Part of Afghanistan 2019 World Cup squad
202123Part of Aghanistan T20 World Cup squad
202123Fastest bowler to pick 100 T20I wickets
202223Appointed vice captain of Gujarat Titans in IPL 2022
202223Won IPL Season 2022 with Gujarat Titans
202223Part of Afghanistan T20 World Cup squad
Rashid Khan Along the Years

Rashid Khan Whole Career Records

rashid khan stats

Rashid Khan is an Afghan cricketer who has taken the cricket world by storm. He is a brilliant spin bowler and has the ability to bamboozle the best batsmen in the world. His exploits in the Indian Premier League have been nothing short of sensational and he is without doubt one of the hottest properties in world cricket at the moment.

Rashid Khan made his international debut for Afghanistan in 2015 and has since established himself as one of the leading bowlers in the world. He has played in all three formats of the game and has been a key member of the Afghan team over the past few years.

Rashid Khan’s stats are truly impressive. In Test cricket, he has taken 48 wickets in just 11 matches at an average of 19.61. In ODIs, he has taken 103 wickets in 55 matches at an average of 18.41. And in T20Is, he has taken 85 wickets in 43 matches at an average of 15.22.

There is no doubt that Rashid Khan is one of the best bowlers in the world right now and his stats back that up. He has been a revelation in the cricket world and is sure to entertain cricket fans for many years to come.

rashid khan net worth

Rashid Khan is an Afghan cricketer who has a net worth of $5 million. He is consider to be one of the best spinners in the world and has play for a number of top cricket teams, including the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the Indian Premier League. He has also represented Afghanistan in a number of international tournaments, including the Cricket World Cup.

rashid khan height

Rashid is an Afghan cricketer who has taken the world by storm with his extraordinary bowling skills. At just 19 years of age, he is already consider one of the best bowlers in the world, and his career is only just beginning.

What is even more impressive than his bowling is his height. At just 5 feet 5 inches tall, Rashid is one of the shortest professional cricketers in the world. Despite his height, he has a powerful bowling action that generates speeds of over 90 miles per hour.

Rashid’s height does not seem to be a hindrance to his success on the cricket field. In fact, it may even be an advantage, as his low center of gravity makes it difficult for batsmen to play him. Whatever the reason, Rashid Khan is a force to be reckon with, and he is sure to entertain cricket fans for many years to come.

rashid khan ipl 2022

Rashid Khan is an Afghan cricketer who has taken the cricketing world by storm. He made his debut in the Indian Premier League in 2017 and has been one of the most successful bowlers in the tournament. In 2020, he was the leading wicket-taker in the IPL and was also name the Player of the Tournament. Rashid is a master of the art of spin bowling and is consider one of the best spin bowlers in the world. He has the ability to bowl both leg spin and off spin and is very accurate. Rashid is also a very useful batsman and is often use as a pinch-hitter. He has the ability to score quick runs and is a very valuable player in the shorter formats of the game. Rashid Khan is contract to the Sunrisers Hyderabad team for the IPL 2021 season.

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